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Condolence meeting in memory of Professor N R Madhava Menon

A condolence meeting in memory of Professor N R Madhava Menon was held at the Baker auditorium on 8 May, 2019. A moments silence was observed at the commencement of the meeting. Prof Sunil Mani, Director, said that Professor Menon was very intimately associated with the governance of the Centre for about 13 years. He was Chairman of the Governing Body of the Centre from 2002 onwards for two different terms and a member of the Governing Body during the period 2009 to 2015. Prof Mani recalls that he was a very affectionate and kind person, and very easy to deal with. After retirement he moved to his home town in Vaikom where he was involved in various family related activities. Prof  Mani read out condolence messages from Prof Pulapre Balakrishnan and Prof Amit Shovon Ray, former Directors’ of the Centre who had the privilege of working with Prof. Menon.

Prof Sunil Mani invited Prof  KN Nair, former director of CDS who had the opportunity of working with Prof  Menon  for more than a decade to share his memories. He remembers him as a person who was always willing to help in any situation, particularly in academic and administrative matters of the Centre.  An institution builder and renowned academician and father of modern Indian Legal Education,  Prof. Menon, he said, will be remembered for revolutionising the field of legal education by establishing National Law Schools including the Law Schools at  Bangalore, Calcutta and Bhopal.

At the close of the meeting, a resolution was taken to compile the condolence messages that were received from the alumni as well as friends and well-wishers and present this to the bereaved family members.