Condolence meeting

A condolence meeting in memory of Mr C.G Devarajan was held at the Baker auditorium on 29 August 2018. A moments silence was observed at the commencement of the meeting. Prof Sunil Mani, Director, said that his memories of Mr Devarajan go back to his student days as well as from 1991 when he joined as a faculty of CDS. He remembers him as a simple, down to earth and soft-spoken person who was able to face any difficulty without getting flustered or angry. He was instrumental in setting up the administrative system and help in formulating the Memorandum of Association of the Centre which has become a model for other institutions also.

Prof. KJ Joseph also reflected on his student days as well as after becoming a faculty at the Centre.  Mr Devarajan’s friendliness and capability of handling situations in a pleasing manner with the students as well as the faculty was commendable. Prof. Manmohan Agarwal’s memories date back to the Delhi School of Economics where he remembers Mr Devarajan as an efficient typist who was very proficient in carrying out his work.  Mr Vijayan, from the administration, recollected the early years at CDS when Dr Raj was setting up the Centre with the help of Mr Devarajan. He remembers him as a strict but understanding person who was willing to take on any role that was required of him.

The Director pointed out that very often the contribution by the non-academic staff is not remembered or acknowledged properly. He said that from this year onwards CDS would make it a point to remember those who had contributed to the growth of the Centre along with the Foundation Day Lecture held in October every year.

At the close of the meeting, a resolution was taken to compile all the condolence messages that were received from the alumni as well as friends and well-wishers and present this to the bereaved family members.