Telephone Directory

Communication Address :

Centre for Development Studies
Prasanth Nagar, Medical College P.O, Ulloor,
Thiruvananthapuram 695 011, Kerala, India.


General Telephone:  +91-471-2774200, 2448881-2

FAX : +91-471-2447137, +91-471-2448942


CDS Telephone Directory

Faculty Office Direct Residence
Abhilash T 2774208 2774274
Beena P L 2774219 9633592001
Chandril Bhattacharyya 2774453
Chidambaran G. Iyer 2774257
Devika J 2774298 2553517
Harilal K N (On Leave) 2317139
Hrushikesh Mallick 2774223 9895981413
Irudaya Rajan S 2774211 2550694
Jayaseelan Raj 2774411 2774425
K J Joseph (On Leave) 9895818471
Mishra U S 2774222 2556026
Parameswaran M 2774310 9446506388
Praveena Kodoth 2774207 2557796
Rajit Biswas 2774417 2774416
Ritika Jain 2774212
Srikanta Kundu 2774213 9567455461
Sunandan Ghosh (On Leave) 9539555683
Sunil Mani 2774204 2417990
Thiagu Ranganathan 2774231
Vinoj Abraham 2774210 9745157018
Honorary Fellows/ Honorary Professors
Amit Bhaduri 09910019899
Damodaran A D (Associate) 2720386
Jayachandran T N 2445302
Kannan K P 2774311
Mathew E T 2774230 2598656
Mohanan Pillai P 2774295
Mridul Eapen 2774213 2445530
Oommen M A (Associate) 2722255
Rao G N 040 23021296
Sivanandan P 2774217 2444573
Thomas Isaac T M 0477-2248191
Vaidyanathan A 044 24919607
Zachariah K C 2774229 2318234
Ameer Ali 2774265 2552595
Anitha G P 2774262 2550372
Ansamma Joseph 2774261 2592801
Gopakumar S 2774264 9447251324
Sivakumar P 2774263 9895983395
Sriram V 2774260 9447251892
Sumesh C S 2774268 9400214148
Aanandh N.R 2774255 9846161100
Ajayanandam S 2774202 9947782944
Aji Kumar A.R 2774250 9895077566
Anoop Kumar P.P. 2774255 9946576100
Arun K C 2774254 8129794903
Emmanuel T.J 2774256 9633001163
Geethadevi T.S 2774254 2430406
Lekha K 2774200 9495405170
Praveen G 2774202 8606199222
Raji R S 2774254 9605348525
Sai Babu 2774290
Satheesh S.S 2774256 9846383946
Shareef H.S 2774277 9447006002
Suresh Kumar S. 2774251, 2448412 2351899
Tilak Baker 2774276 2532487
Vijayan G 2774255
Finance & Accounts
Arun Hrishikesh 2774272 9446439530
Biju R.S 2774272 9947949068
Tharun Kumar M P 2774408
Reeshma R S 2774272
Suresh.S 2774270 2557207
Computer Centre
Sarath V 2774281 9447699342

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