Open Seminar And Public Lectures

  • WTO Issues and Indian Economy by Dr. Biswajit Dhar, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi (February 15th 2008)
  • Skilled Labour-Specificity And The Pure Theory Of International Trade: An application to the Indian Information Technology Sector, by Dr P Nandakumar Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode. (June 20th, 2008).
  • WTO Negotiations and India’s Multilateral and Bilateral Engagements, by Shri. S N Menon, Former Secretary, Ministry of Commerce (October 10th 2008).
  • Quality Measures, Trade Facilitation and Export Competiveness: The Case of Indian Seafood Industry, by Shri S Jayasekhar and Dr Nalin Kumar, Centre for Development Studies (December 5th, 2008).
  • Exchange Rate and Export Behaviour of Indian Textile and Clothing Sector, by Dr P L Beena and Dr Hrushikesh Mallick (March 13th, 2009).
  • Discussion on Special Economic Zones at the Centre was initiated by Shri K T Chacko, Director, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi.

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