Awards and Accolades

Mr. Panchendra Kumar Naik, former Ph.D scholar at CDS  and Ms. Sonal Dsouza, alumni of CDS won this year’s Sanjay Thakur Young Labour Economist Award, instituted by the Indian Society of Labour Economics (ISLE) for the best paper entitled “Trade Liberalisation, Capital Intensive Export and Informalisation: A Case Study of India’s Manufacturing Export” presented in the 59th Annual Conference of the ISLE held at the  Gulati Institute of Finance and Taxation (GIFT), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala during 16-18 December 2017.

The Centre congratulates them on their splendid achievement.

Panchendra Naik-award

Ms. Shraddha Jain,  Ph.D scholar at CDS won the Sanjay Thakur Young Labour Economist Award 2016, instituted by the Indian Society of Labour Economics.

Mr. Sandeep Kumar Kujur, CDS PhD scholar got the best PhD student paper award for the paper titled “Government Policies, Technological Changes and Industrial Energy efficiency: A Case of Pulp and Paper Industry in India” at the 14th Globelics International Conference on Innovation, Creativity and Development: Strategies for Inclusiveness and Sustainability held during 12-14 October, 2016 at Bandung, Indonesia.

Professor K. N. Harilal receives this year’s  ‘Distinguished Achievement Award in Political Economy’ instituted by The World Association for Political Economy for his studies on India- ASEAN free trade agreement.

Dr. Shyjan D  was selected  for The Best PhD Thesis Award instituted by the Kerala Economic Association. The Ph D thesis  “Services Sector Growth in Kerala: Character, Composition and Implications” was prepared under the joint guidance of Prof. K. N Harilal and Prof. K Pushpangadan. Dr.Shyjan D has completed his PhD from CDS last year. He is working as an Assistant Professor at John Matthai Centre, Calicut University Regional Centre, Thrissur.

Professor Amit Bhaduri, Honorary Fellow CDS, has received the 2016 Leontief Prize for Advancing the Frontiers of Economic Thought, awarded by the Global Development And Environment Institute of the Tufts University. This year’s award, titled “Development and Equity,” recognizes the contributions that Professor Bhaduri has made to economic understandings of development, power, gender, and human rights.

Shri Vachaspati Shukla, Doctoral Scholar, Centre for Development Studies, received the Best Paper Award for his paper titled ‘Differential Attainment in Literacy Across Indian States: An Assessment,’ in the Census Data Dissemination Workshop jointly organized by the Directorate of Census Operations (Maharashtra) and the Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS), Mumbai on 29th December 2014 at TISS, Mumbai.

Dr J. Devika, Associate Professor, Centre for Development Studies, has won the prize for non-fiction in Malayalam, for the book titled ‘Kulastreeyum’ ‘Chanthappennum’ Undaayathengane? The prize called the ‘Gurudarsana’ is  instituted by the Sree Narayana Samajam, Methala. She was a  unanimous choice of the award committee for this distinction.


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