Joan Robinson Memorial Lecture


No. Date Lecture delivered by Title of the paper
1 17-Jul-1983 Prasanta Pattanaik On Measurement of the Standard of Living
2 20-Jan-1984 Nicholar Kaldor The Futility of General Equilibrium Theory
3 12-Dec-1985 Sita Narasimham Language and Conceptualisation
4 11-Dec-1985 Sita Narasimham Consequences to Language and Urbanisation and Industrialisation
5 10-Dec-1985 Sita Narasimham Changing Concepts of Pension with Urbanisation and Indusrialisation
6 Jan 30 & 31,1 989 V.M.Dandekar Growth and Political Equilibrium
7 Feb 20 & 21, 1990 Amith Bhaduri The Macroeconomics of Social Democracy
8 17-Jul-1995 Prasanta Pattanaik Measurement of the Standard of Living
9 12-Apr-2005 Ashwani Saith Poverty and Anti-Poverty: Troubling Tendecies, Quarrelsome Questions
10 31-Mar-2007 Kaushik Basu Performance of the contemporary Indian economy and its Historical Roots