Affiliation to International Researchers

International Researchers working on development issues in India can obtain affiliation to the Centre. The following may be noted:

1. The Scholars shall request for affiliation through his/her faculty supervisor in the country of domicile, with a brief statement of the study objectives, methodology including field studies, previous work if any and link with any existing academic programmes

    • The proposal will be reviewed/assessed by CDS faculty. If accepted, except for established scholars, CDS will assign one of its Faculty to be the local supervisor.
    • The scholar shall finalise his/ her visit/programme in consultation with the CDS supervisor.

2. The affiliation will be for a particular study to be carried out for a specified period and subject to Government of India clearance for the study (to be obtained by the scholar through the Indian Mission abroad). Note that the Government of India grants permission for a study after verification through the Home Ministry. The Indian Embassy will grant ENTRY/ RESEARCH/ STUDENT Visa on the basis of GOI clearance.

## Usual process Time – 90 days

If the scholar requires an extension for the period of research, he/she shall make a request for the same to his/her supervisor at CDS (Director in case of independent affiliate). Extension will be given only if the local supervisor/Director is convinced of the need for further extension (subject to Government of India clearance like 2 above).

For a stay beyond 3 months, the scholar has to obtain a residence permit, for which he/she shall report at the Foreigners’ Registration Office (Commissioner of Police, Thiruvananthapuram) within a week of arrival.

Note: In exceptional cases, scholars will be granted independent affiliation (without any supervision from the CDS faculty) to pursue areas of research falling within the research priorities of the Centre. However, all other formalities such as clearances from the Government, leave from parent organization, etc., are to be obtained before joining the Centre.

4.Conditions of Affiliation

      • An ENTRY/ RESEARCH/ STUDENT visa for the period of stay, specifically stating the research study as the purpose of visit. Affiliation fee payable is US$ 500 or equivalent Indian Rupees to be remitted at the time of joining for a period up to one year. In case the affiliation is extended beyond one year, US$ 500 per year will be payable. The scholar shall regularly report to the Faculty Supervisor/Director and follow the mutually agreed work plan. The scholar shall submit a six-monthly progress report to the Director through the supervisor and at the end of the tenure, submit a detailed study report with copies of the questionnaires/data, details on the field visits undertaken (with addresses and period of visit), The scholar shall present a seminar on the study at CDS. The scholar shall submit a copy of the final research report for the CDS Library. Those who are independent affiliates will submit the final report to the Director. The Scholar shall return the books/journals borrowed from the Library, pay all outstanding dues and obtain a No Dues Certificate from the Administration before departing.

5.Affiliation at CDS provides:

      • Temporary Membership of the CDS Library with a provision to borrow three books; Access to Computer and internet facilities; Consultation with faculty; Accommodation in CDS hostels subject to availability.


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