New Commentary Series

Commentary on India’s Economy and Society Series

India’s Economy and indeed its society has been undergoing a major change since the onset of economic reforms in 1991. Overall growth rate of the economy has increased, the economy is getting increasingly integrated with the rest of the world and public policies are now becoming very specific compared over arching framework policies of the pre-reform period. Over the past few years, a number of important policies have been enunciated, like for instance the policy on moving towards a cashless economy to evolving a common market in the country through the introduction of a Goods and Services Tax. Issues are becoming complex and the empirical basis difficult to decipher.  For instance the use of payroll data to understand growth in employment, origin-destination passenger data from railways to understand internal migration, Goods and Services Tax Network data to understand interstate trade. Further, new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Block Chain are likely to change how manufacturing and services are going to be organised. The series under the “Commentary on India’s Economy and Society” is expected to demystify the debates that are currently taking place in the country so that it contributes to an informed conversation on these topics. The topics for discussion are chosen by individual members of the faculty, but they are all on issues that are current but continuing in nature. The pieces are well researched, engages itself sufficiently with the literature on the issue discussed and has been publicly presented in the form of a seminar at the Centre.    In this way, the series complements our “Working Paper Series”.

CDS welcomes comments on the papers in the series and these may be directed to the individual authors.

1. Dimensions of India’s Economy- As seen through the Economic Survey 2017-18
and the Union Budget 2018-19

Manmohan Agarwal, Sunandan Ghosh, M Parameswaran, Ritika Jain, P Seenath, Hrushikesh Mallick, Vinoj Abraham, Udaya S Mishra, Sunil Mani and P L Beena

2. Dimensions of India’s Intellectual Property Right System- How Many Patents are Commercially Exploited in India?
Sunil Mani

3. An Uncertain Shift from ‘Protectionism’ to ‘Empowerment’? Probing the Decision by NORKA to Recruit Women Domestic Workers for Kuwait
Praveena Kodoth

4. Protectionism: US Tariff Policy and India’s Response
PART I : Manmohan Agarwal
PART II : Sunandan Ghosh

5. Industrial Investment Intention and Implementation in India: Broad Trends and Patterns at the State-Level
Ritika Jain

6.Monetary Policy: Journey to Inflation Targeting
Manmohan Agarwal
Irfan Ahmed Shah

7. Gender-Based Cyber Violence Against Women in Kerala: Insights from Recent Research

8. Swachh Bharat – 2019: Will Rural India be ODF/ Swachh?
G. Murugan

9. Dimensions of Indian Economy: As seen through the Economic Survey 2018-19
and the Union Budget 2019-20

K P Kannan, P L Beena, M Parameswaran, Vinoj Abraham, G Murugan, Udaya Shankar Mishra, Hrushikesh Mallick and Sunil Mani

10. Are Medicine Prices High and Unaffordable After Trips? Evidence from Pharmaceutical Industry in India
Sudip Chaudhuri

11.World development report 2020: trading for development in the age of global value chains
Rajkumar Byahut, Sourish Dutta, Chidambaran G. Iyer,Manikantha Nataraj

12. DIMENSIONS OF INDIAN ECONOMY As seen through the Economic Survey 2019-20 and the Union Budget 2020-21
M Parameswaran, Thiagu Ranganathan, Sunil Mani, Sudip Chaudhuri, Manikantha Nataraj, Tirtha Chatterjee, Ritika Jain.

13. India’s role in frugal innovations in health-related technologies to deal with covid-19
opportunities and constraints

Sunil Mani