Teaching text

Under the Global Programme of Training in Population & Sustainable Development (P&SD) the following teaching and reference material were produced. A limited number of copies are available on request.

Teaching Text

Population and Development in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives by GN Rao (1998)

The Projections of Populations: Data Appraisal, Basic Methods and Applications by George Groenwold & Kannan Navaneetham (1998)

Monograph Series

Shortened edited versions of the Project Reports submitted by the trainees of the Global Programme of Training In Population & Sustainable Development, 1987-1999.

Population and Environment in Developing Countries:The Macro Scenario and Select Case Studies by Rajib Nandi & GN Rao (Ed.) 1999

Population Policies in Developing Countries : The Macro Scenario and Select Case Studies by GN Rao & Rajib Nandi (Ed.)

Population Growth and Socio-Economic Development: The Macro Scenarioand Select Case Studies by GN Rao & Rajib Nandi (Ed.)

Population and education in the Developing Countries; Select Case Studies by GN Rao (Ed.)

Family Planning : The Afro-Asian Scenarios by GN Rao (Ed.)

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