1972-1975 (WP 01-32)

Working papers can be downloaded as pdf files. Please click on the Working Paper Number to download.

K.N. Raj
Planning from Below: With reference to District Development and State Panning: A Preliminary Note, June 1971: WP1

T.N. Krishnan
Taxation of Property and Net Wealth in India – A Note, August 1971: WP2

I.S. Gulati
Wanchoo Report: A Critique. September, 1971: WP3

P.G.K. Panikar
Economics of Nutrition. November, 1971: WP4

K.N. Raj, P.G.K. Panikar, T.N. Krishnan
Some Perspectives of Planning and Development with particular reference to Kerala. September, 1972: WP5

P.G.K. Panikar
Food Balance Sheet of Kerala. October, 1972: WP6

P.G.K. Panikar
The Level of Nutrition in Kerala. December, 1972: WP7

Wage Rates of Agricultural Labourers in Kerala. January, 1973: WP8

K.N. Raj
The Approach to the Fifth Plan. January, 1973: WP9

Joan Robinson
Marxian Economics Today. February, 1973: WP10

P.G.K. Panikar, Grace Sunny
Industrial Distribution of Working Force in Kerala. February, 1973: WP11

K.N. Raj
Direct Taxation of Agriculture. March, 1973: WP12

I.S.Gulati, T.N. Krishnan
Fiscal Measures to Improve Employment in Developing Countries. March, 1973: WP13

T.N. Krishnan
Fifth Five Year Plan Model: A Comment. March, 1973: WP14

P.G.K. Panikar
Environmental Factors in Production andProductivity of Rice in Kerala. September, 1973: WP15

N. Krishnaji
Semi-Feudalism and Perpetual Indebtedness: AComment.November, 1973: WP16

I.S. Gulati
Tax Policy for Promoting Employment: The Choice of a Tax Holiday. December, 1973: WP17

N. Krishnaji
Some Analytical Characteristics of the Distributionof Land An Exercise in Graduation by the Lognormal, Gamma and Log-gamma Laws. February, 1974: WP18

P.R. Gopinathan Nair
Decline in Birth rate in Kerala.February,1974: WP19

A.V. Jose
Trends in Real Wage Rates of Agricultural Labourers. March, 1974 :WP20

T.N. Krishnann, N. Krishnaji
Inter and Intrastate Disparities in Food Consumption. March, 1974: WP21

P.R. Gopinathan Nair
The School Education System in Kerala: An Analysis of Flows.Ma March, 1974: WP22

N. Krishnaji
Trend and Seasonality in Foodgrain Prices.December,1974:WP23

T.N. Krishnan, I.S. Gulati
Public Distribution and Procurement of Food-grains – A Proposal. December, 1974:WP24

Chandan Mukherjee
Optimal Strategy for Replantation of Coconut Trees in Kerala. January, 1975:WP25

I.S. Gulati, A. Bagchi
A Proposal for Reforming Corporation Tax. January, 1975:WP26

K.P. Kannan
Methodology of Project Evaluation. February, 1975:WP27

K.P. Kannan
Kuttanad Development Project: An Economic Evaluation.June, 1975: WP28

K. Narayanan Nair
Supply Response in the Livestock Economy of Kerala. August, 1975: WP29

K.P. Kannan, R.J.S. Spence
A Social Cost Approach to Choice at Technology in Building Construction. September, 1975: WP30

R.J.S. Spence
Adaptive Building Technology Course. October, 1975: WP31

Chandan Mukherjee
The Market for the Educated in Kerala. October, 1975: WP32

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