1986-1990 (WP 213 – 241)

Working papers can be downloaded as pdf files. Please click on the Working Paper Number to download.

P.S. George, Chandan Mukherjee
Rice Economy of Kerala: A disaggregate Analysis of Performance, January 1986, WP213

T.M. Thomas Isaac, P.K. Michael Tharakan
Sree Narayana Movement in Travancore, 1880-1939; A Study of Social Basis and Ideological Reproduction, March 1986: WP214

T.M. Thomas Isaac, P.K. Michael Tharakan
An Enquiry into the Historical Roots of Industrial Backwardness of Kerala – A Study of Travancore Region. May, 1986: WP215

D. Narayana
Export Processing Zones: Engines of Growth or Frontal Bases of Multinational Corporations. September 1986: WP216

D. Narayana
Labour Conditions in the Free Trade Zones of Some Countries. September 1986: WP217

P. Mohanan Pillai
Policy Intervention and Response: A Study of the Pharmaceutical Industry in India during the last decade. April 1987: WP218

P.S. George
Tapioca Production and Utilisation in India (An Analysis of Past Trends and Projections for 2000). May 1987: WP219

B.A. Prakash
Agricultural Development of Kerala from 1800 AD to 1980 AD: A Survey of Studies. May 1987: WP220

Sumit Guha
Commodity and Credit in Upland Maharashtra C.1800-1950 June 1987: WP221

Amitav Bose
Money and Commodities. July 1987: WP222

Thirthankar Roy
Relations of Production in Handloom Weaving in the Mid Thirties. September, 1987: WP223

B.A. Prakash
Educated Unemployment in Kerala: Some Observations based on a Field Survey. March, 1988: WP224

B.G. Kumar, Francis Stuart
Tackling Malnutrition: What can Targeted Nutritional Intervention Achieve. April 1988: WP225

K. Pushpangadan
Agricultural Stagnation in Kerala: An Econometric Study of Tapioca. June, 1988: WP226

K.P. Kannan, K. Pushpangadan
Agricultural Stagnation and Economic Growth in Kerala: An Explanatory Analysis. June, 1988: WP227

S. Rajasekhar
Private Financing Firms in Karnataka: A Boon for Tax Dodgers. June 1988: WP228

B.G. Kumar
Consumption Disparities, Food Surpluses and Effective Demand Failures: Reflections on the Macroeconomic of Drought Vulnerability. December, 1988: WP229

D. Narayana, K.N. Nair
Heterogeneity, Mobility and Dynamics of Contractual Arrangements in the Agricultural Labour Market in an Irrigated District. May, 1989: WP230

B.A. Prakash
Unemployment in Kerala: An Analysis of Economic Causes. July, 1989: WP231

John Kurien, T.R. Thankappan
On Ruining the Commons and the Commoner: The Political Economy of Overfishing. December 1989: WP232

D. Rajasekhar
Famines and Peasant Mobility: Changing Agrarian Structure in Kurnool District of Andhra, 1870-1900 December 1989: WP233

P. Mohahan Pillai
Some Aspects of Performance of State Sector Enterprises in Kerala. March, 1990: WP234

D. Narayana
Agricultural Economy of Kerala in the Post Seventies: Stagnation or Cycles? March, 1990: WP235

T.M. Thomas Isaac
Evolution of Organisation of Production in Coir Yarn Spinning Industry. June, 1990: WP236

Structural Changes in Landholding in Kerala: A Study based on NSS Data. June, 1990: WP237

K.P. Kannan, K. Pushpangadan
Defecting Agricultural Stagnation in Kerala: An Analysis Across Crops, Seasons and Regions. July 1990: WP238

D. Narayana
Rural Poverty, Money Wage Rates and Cereal Prices in India. August, 1990: WP239

Thomas Isaac, Pyarelal Raghavan
A Policy Framework for Revitalisation of Coir Industry in Kerala, November, 1990: WP240

N. Krishnaji, Chandan Mukherjee
Dynamics of Family Size and Composition: A Computer Simulations Study with Reference to Rural India. December, 1990: WP241

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