1991-1995 (WP 242 – 264)

Working papers can be downloaded as pdf files. Please click on the Working Paper Number to download.

Mridul Eapen
Hantex: An Economic Appraisal. September, 1991: WP242

Sunil Mani
Government Intervention in Commercial Crop Development: Case of Flue Cured Virginia Tobacco. November, 1991: WP243

K. Pushpangadan
Wage Determination in a Casual Labour Market: The Case Study of Paddy Field Labour in Kerala. January, 1992: WP244

K.N. Nair, S.P. Padhi
Dynamics of Land Distribution: An Alternative Approach and Analysis with Reference to Kerala. January, 1992: WP245

Thomas Isaac
Estimates of External Trade Flows of Kerala – 1975-76 and 1980-81. March, 1992: WP246

Thomas Isaac, Raman Mahadevan, Nata Duvvurry
Regional Terms of Trade for the State of Kerala. March, 1992: WP247

P. Mohanan Pillai
Constraints on the Diffusion of Innovations in Kerala: A Case Study of Smokeless Chulas. March, 1992: WP248

R. Anandraj
Cyclicality in Industrial Growth in India: An Exploratory Analysis. April, 1992: WP249

T.M. Thomas Isaac, Rammanohar Reddy, Nata Duvvury
Balance of Trade, Remittance and Net Capital Flows: An Analysis of Economic Development in Kerala since independence.October, 1992: WP250

M. Kabir, T.N. Krishnan
Social Intermediation and Health Transition: Lessons from Kerala, October, 1992: WP251

Sunil Mani, P. Nandakumar
Aggregate Net Financial Flows to India: The Relative Importance of Private Loan vis-a-vis Foreign Direct Investments. August, 1993: WP252

Pulapre Balakrishnan
Rationale and the Result of the Current Stabilisation Programme. November, 1993: WP253

K.K. Subrahmanian, P. Mohanan Pillai
Modern Small Industry in Kerala: A Review of Structural Change and Growth Performance. January, 1994: WP254

Dilip M.Menon
Becoming Hindu and Muslim Identity and Conflict in Malabar. January, 1994: WP255

D. Narayana
Government Intervention in Commodity Trade: An analysis of the Coffee Trade in India. January, 1994: WP256

K.J. Joseph, N. Nandakumar
On the Determinants of Current Account Deficits: A Comparative Analysis of India, China and South Korea. January, 1994: WP257

K.K. Subrahmanian, K.J. Joseph
Foreign Control and Export Intensity of Firms in Indian Industry. February, 1994: WP258

P.Balakrishnan, K. Pushpangadan
Total Factor Productivity Growth in Indian Manufacturing – A Fresh Look. April 1994: WP259

D. Narayana, K.N. Nair
Role of the Leading Input in Shaping Institutions: Tendency in the Context of Irrigation Uncertainty. May, 1994: WP260

G. Murugan, K. Pushpangadan
Pricing of Drinking Water: An Application of Coase Two-part Tariff. December, 1994: WP261

Mohanan Pillai
“On the Mexican Crisis”. December, 1995: WP262

Sunil Mani
“Financing Domestic Technology Development through the Venture Capital Route”. December, 1995: WP263

T.T. Sreekumar
“Peasants and Formal Credit in Thiruvithamcore: The State Institutions and Social Structure 1914-1940″. December, 1995: WP264

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