2006-2010 (WP 379 – 439)

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Rajeev Sharma
Diversification in Rural Livelihood Strategies: A Macro-Level Evidence from Jammu and Kashmir. December 2010: WP 439

Aparna Nair
The Indifferent Many and the Hostile Few: An Assessment of Smallpox Vaccination in the ‘Model Native State’ of Travancore, 1804-1941. November 2010 : WP 438

Vinoj Abraham
The Effect of Information Technology on Wage Inequality: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Sector. September 2010: WP 437

S. Irudaya Rajan and D. Narayana
The Financial Crisis in the Gulf and its Impact on South Asian Migrant Workers. August 2010: WP 436

Anup Kumar Bhandari
Total Factor Productivity Growth and Its Decomposition: An Assessment of the Indian Banking Sector in the True Liberalised Era. August 2010: WP 435

Beena Saraswathy
Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisations in India: Extent, Nature and Structure.July 2010: WP 434

Vijay Korra
Nature and Characteristics of Seasonal Labour Migration : A Case Study in Mahabubnagar District of Andhra Pradesh.
July 2010: WP 433

K.C. Zachariah and S. Irudaya Rajan
Impact of the Global Recession on Migration and Remittances in Kerala: New Evidences from the Return Migration Survey (RMS) 2009.
June 2010: WP 432

Gargi Sanati
Integration of India’s Financial Markets on the Domestic and International Fronts: An Emperical Analysis of the Post-Liberalisation Period. June 2010: WP 431

Sunil Mani
Has China and India Become More Innovative Since the Onset of Reforms in the Two Countries? May 2010: WP 430

T. R. Dilip
School Educational Attainment In Kerala: Trends And Differentials. April 2010: WP 429

Sunil Mani
The Flight From Defence to Civilian Space:Evolution of the Sectoral System of Innovation of India’s Aerospace Industry. April 2010: WP 428

J. Devika and V.J. Varghese
To Survive or To Flourish? Minority Rights and Syrian Christian Community Assertions in 20th Century Travancore/Kerala March 2010: WP 427

Anup Kumar Bhandari
Policy Makers’ Dilemma in the Face of Global Crisis: Some Perspectives regarding the Expansion of Indian Leather Industry March 2010: WP 426

P. L. Beena and Hrushikesh Mallick
Exchange Rate and Export Behaviour of Indian Textiles and Clothing Sector: An Enquiry for Major Destination Countries March 2010: WP 425

K. C. Zachariah and S. Irudaya Rajan
Migration Monitoring Study, 2008: Emigration and Remittances in the Context of Surge in Oil Prices March, 2010: WP 424

N. Vijayamohanan Pillai
Loss of Load Probability of a Power System: Kerala February 2010: WP 423

Jayasekhar. S and C. Nalin Kumar
Compliance, Competitiveness and Market Acess: A Study on Indian Seafood Industry February, 2010 : WP 422

S. Irudaya Rajan, V. J. Varghese and M.S. Jayakumar
Overseas Recruitment in India: Structures, Practices and Remedies February 2010: WP 421

V. J. Varghese
Land, Labour and Migrations: Understanding Kerala’s Economic Modernity December 2009: WP 420

R. Mohan and D.Shyjan
Tax Devolution and Grant Distribution to States in India Analysis and Roadmap for Alternatives, December 2009 : WP 419

William Joe & U.S Mishra
Household Out-of-Pocket Health care Expenditure in India Levels, Patterns and Policy Concerns, October 2009 : WP 418

Neethi. P
Globalisation Lived Locally: New Forms of Control, Conflict and Response Among Labour in Kerala, Examined Through a Labour Geography lens. October 2009 : WP 417

Sunil Mani
High Skilled migration from India, An analysis of its economic implications,September 2009 : WP 416

Sunil Mani
Has India Become more Innovative Since 1991? Analysis of the Evidence and Some Disquieting Features, September 2009 : WP 415

William Joe, Priyajit Samaiyar and U.S Mishra
Migration and Urban Poverty in India Some preliminary Observations, September 2009 : WP 414

K. N Nair, T. P. Sreedharan and M. Anoopkumar
A Study of National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme in Three Grama Panchayats of Kasargod District: August 2009 : WP 413

B. S Suran and D.Narayana
The Deluge of Debt: Under-standing the Financial Needs of Poor Households. July 2009 : WP 412

K. Navaneetham, M.Kabir and C.S Krishnakumar
Morbidity Patterns in Kerala: Levels and Determinants, April 2009 : WP 411

Arindam Banerjee
Peasant Classes, Farm Incomes and Rural Indebtedness: An analysis of Household Production Data : WP 410

Sunil Mani
The Growth of Knowledge-intensive Entrepreneurship in India, 1991-2007 Analysis of its Evidence and the Facilitating Factors. February, 2009 : WP 409

M. S Harilal
Home to Market: Response,Resurgence and Transformation of Ayurveda from 1980′s to 1920. November 2008 : WP 408

Hrushikesh Mallick
Do Remittances Impact the Economy ? Some Empirical Evicences from a Developing Economy. October 2008 : WP 407

K.C Zachariah and S.Irudaya Rajan
Costs of Basic Services in Kerala, 2007 Education,Health, Childbirth and Finance (Loans) September 2008 : WP 406

Sunil Mani
Financing of industrial innovations in India How effective are tax incentives for R & D ? August 2008 : WP 405

Vinoj Abraham
Employment Growth in Rural India: Distress Driven? August 2008: WP 404

Hrushikesh Mallick
Government Spending, Trade Openness and Economic Growth in India: A Time Series Analysis. July 2008: WP 403

K.Pushpangadan and G.Murugan
Dynamics of Rural Water Supply in Coastal Kerala: A Sustainable Development View: June 2008: WP 402

K. K Subramanian and Syam Prasad
Rising INequality With High Growth Isn’t this Trend Worrisome? Analysis of Kerala Experience,June 2008 : WP 401

T. R Dilip
Role of Private Hospitals in Kerala : An Exploration,June 2008 : WP 400

V. Dhanya
Liberalisation of Tropical Commodity Market and Addin-up Problem: A Bound Test Approach, March 2008 : WP 399

P. Mohanan Pillai and N.Shanta
ICT and Employment Promotion Among Poor Women: How can we make it Happen? Some Reflections on Kerala’s Experience. February 2008: WP 398

K.N Nair and Vineetha Menon
Distress Debt and Suicides among Agrarian HOuseholds: Findings from thre village studies in Kerala, December 2007: WP 397

K.N Nair, C.P Vinod and Vineetha Menon
Agrarian Distress and Livelihood Strategies : A Study in Pulpalli panchayat, Wayanad District,Kerala December 2007: WP 396

K.C Zachariah and S. Irudaya Rajan
Migration Remittances And Employment Short-term Trends and Longterm Implications. December 2007: WP 395

K.N Nair, Antonyto Paul and Vineetha Menon
Livelihood risks and Coping Strategies: A Case Study in the Agrarian Village of Cherumad, Kerala November 2007: WP 394

S. Iruday Rajan and U.S Mishra
Managing Migration in the Philippines: Lessons for India: WP 393

K.N Nair and R. Ramakumar
Agrarian Distress and Rural Livelihoods,a Study in Upputhara Panchayat Idukki District, Kerala November 2007: WP 392

Pulapre Balakrishnan
Visible Hand : Public Policy and Economic Growth in the Nehru Era WP 391

Sunil Mani
The Growth Performance of India’s Telecommunication Serivices INdustry. 1991-2006 Can it Lead to the Emergence of a Domestic Manufacturing Hub? September 2007: WP 390

K.J Joseph and Vinoj Abraham
Information Technology and Productivity: Evidence from India’s Manufacturing Sector.September 2007: WP 389

Hrushikesh Mallick
Does Energy Consumption Fuel Economic Growth inn India? September 2007 : WP 388

D. Shyjan
Public Investment and Agricultural Productivity:A state-wise Analysis of Foodgrains in India. July 2007: WP 387

J. Devika
‘A People United in Development ‘: Developmentalism in Modern Malayalee Identity. June 2007: WP 386

M. Parameswaran
International Trade, R&D Spillovers and Productivity: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Industry.June 2007: WP 385

K. C Zachariah and S.Irudaya Rajan
Economic and Social Dynamics of Migration in Kerala,1999-2004 Analysis of Panel Data, May 2007 : WP 384

Saikat Sinha Roy
Demand and Supply Factors in the Determination or India’s Disaggregated Manufactured Exports : A Simultaneous Error-Correction Approach. May 2007: WP 383

Sunil Mani
The Sectoral System of Innovation of Indian pharmaceutical industry. September 2006 : WP 382

K. J Joseph and Govinda Parayil
Trade Liberalization and Digital Divide: An Analysis of the Information Technology Agreement of WTO. July 2006 WP 381

Rudra Narayan Mishra
Dynamics of Caste-based Deprivation in Child Under-Nutrition in India.July 2006: WP 380

P.L Beena
Limits to Universal Trade Liberalisation : The Contemperory Scenario for Textiles & Clothing Sector in South Asia. March 2006: WP 379

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