Panel Discussion on ‘Global Migration Issues’ : July 26, 2018

A Panel Discussion on the theme ‘Global Migration Issues’ was held in the Joan Robinson Hall on 26 July, 2018.

The panel comprised of Dr. Elizabeth Ferris and faculty members of the CDS. Professor Sunil Mani, Director, CDS welcomed Dr. Elizabeth Ferris, a Research Professor at the Institute for the Study of Internal Migration at Georgetown University and non-resident senior fellow in Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution and advisor to the UN. He also introduced Prof S. Irudaya Rajan, Prof Praveena Kodoth and Dr Vinoj Abraham faculty members of CDS to the audience.

Dr Ferris outlined the trends, benefits and issues of Global Migration. Prof Irudaya Rajan concentrated on mapping international migration from India with special reference to Kerala, and migration surveys conducted by CDS and also on remittances from gulf countries in the last 20years. Prof Praveena Kodoth focused on gender and migration, international migration from India in the global context and on migration from the Godavari area and finally, Dr Vinoj Abraham spoke on International migration, labour market and internal migration in Kerala and also the Impact of labour market within Kerala.

The discussion was followed by a lively interactive session from the audience.