Writing for Success: Research Publication Surgeries

Academic writing and publishing in high quality journals is key to ensure that research and research processes reach out to a wider audience through a rigorous peer review process.  Increasingly, journal publications are seen to be a strong signal of thought leadership, engaging with the state of art research by contributing to the knowledge base, which is also key for future academic careers. To address this need, writing workshops, spaces or retreats are increasingly used in many academic circles as a way of fast-tracking quality publications.

Our Visiting Faculty  Members, Professor T G Arun(The University of Essex, the UK) and Dr Shoba Arun (Manchester Metropolitan University, the UK) organised  series of ‘Writing for Success’  for PhD Scholars during November 2018 to December  2018 to encourage publication in peer reviewed journals.  Sessions included ‘Knowing your journals’; ‘the process of peer review’; building arguments and formation of writing circles. Weekly workshops focussed on completing a research article within 12 weeks. The sessions provides dedicated and concentrated time to discuss and write up articles based on completed research. In addition, drop in sessions were organised to provide individual feedback on draft articles.