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Panel discussion on Economic Survey and Union Budget: 25 Feb. 2020

A panel discussion on the Indian Economy in the context of the Economic Survey 2019 -20 and the Union Budget 2020-21 by the faculty of CDS was held on 25 February 2020. Professor Sunil Mani, Director, welcomed the panel members and those in the audience. He said that 7 of the 11 chapters of Volume 1 of the Econimic Survey will be discussed by the faculty.

The panel comprised of Dr M. Parameswaran who spoke on ‘Measuring GDP – Is there an Over estimation’ which was followed by Dr Thiagu Ranganathan on ‘Wealth Creation’. Prof Sunil Mani, spoke on ‘Entreprenuership’ and Prof Sudip Chaudhuri on ‘Undermining Markets’. Mr Manikantha Nataraj touched on ‘Specialising to Exports in Network Products’. Dr Ritika Jain spoke on Privatization and finally the discussion ended wih a presentation by Dr Tirtha Chatterjee on ‘ Economics of a plate of food in India.’

Each of the panel members examined the revelations made in the Economic Survey regarding various aspects of the Indian Economy. The presentations were followed by observations and comments by Prof K P Kannan, Former Director and Honorary Fellow, CDS and Dr S. Radha, Sr. Faculty from the Institute for Monitoring Economic Growth (IMEG)