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Ten Things Successful People Know That You Don’t Ten Things Successful People Know That You Don’tby Marta Kagan What do extraordinarily successful people know about life that you don’t? Are they just a lot luckier, smarter, or harder working than you? Or is there something inherently different in the way that they approach life that propels them to unimaginable heights? The following list attempts to answer these questions. It contains the distilled wisdom from many years of trial and error by some of the most successful people modern society has seen. Some of what you’ll read might surprise you. Some of it I hope! will inspire you. cheap jerseys china Either way, it just cheap nfl jerseys might Wholesale NFL Jerseys China light that fire under you. ENJOY. TEN THINGS SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE KNOW THAT YOU DON’T 1. You are the CEO of your own life. You are completely responsible for the level of success that you experience personally and professionally. You are equally responsible for the lack thereof. Your success will be defined by the vision you create and the choices that you make
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