Poverty, Vulnerability and Social Security (PVS)

Issues concerning poverty, vulnerability and social security have received attention at the Centre ever since its inception and they continue to be of interest among researchers. The focus of research and the ways of interpreting results have kept on acquiring new dimensions in tune with changing circumstances and character of the economy. Kerala provides a unique platform for assessment and verification of policy measures taken towards tackling poverty and social security concerns. Studies on this theme largely stem from the larger interest of researchers analysing the human development advantage as well as the longstanding social security/welfare measures adopted, in the state. There have been frequent evaluations of governmental initiatives in this regard.

Social security, as a topic of special interest, remains not only at the empirical level, but attempts are also being made to conceptualise it under varying circumstances. It is examined from various perspectives like those of human rights, human development and decentralised governance. A larger study has also been launched with an India-China comparison in the provision of social security in rural areas as its objective. This study intends to propose social security schemes which would work effectively under varying conditions of vulnerability, and across regions. Given the sustained interest in this area of work, a number of studies have been done which have taken up critical evaluation of social security schemes across different Indian states, and of comparative perspectives across regions.

In sum, the prominence of research relating to poverty, social security and vulnerability has been kept up at the Centre all through the past. Various state-specific studies of national coverage as well as collaborative studies with international agencies have been undertaken.

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