Policy notes on local governance -LSG

The objective of the Research Unit on Local Self Governments (RULSG) at CDS is to conduct research concurrently on the problems faced by the local self-governments in carrying out the functions expected from them in an effective and efficient manner. The research is expected to generate a more general knowledge base on local governance in some domains while emphasizing the need to keep location specificities in mind. In order to achieve this objective, it was felt that RULSG should interact with LSGs on a continued basis to analyse the constraints they face in developmental and welfare activities and to assist them in evolving methods to overcome barriers within the framework of local level democracy. It was with this broad objective that a programme to interact with a set of LSGs on a continuous basis was launched in June 2006. This action research has generated material that needs to be communicated to a wider audience including planners, policy makers, and LSG representatives. This is the context for the publication of this series of policy notes.

1.Procedural changes required for making Local Self Government’s role effective in rural housing in Kerala
2.Is it desirable to take a World Bank Loan for Strengthening Local Self Governments in Kerala?
3.Rethinking the conceptual foundaions of Kerala’s decentralization in the light of the experience during the past decade

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