Seminar on Experiments in Democratizing Development Planning (21-22 April 2014)

Seminar on ‘Experiments in Democratising Development Planning’

A Two-day Seminar on ‘Experiments in Democratising Development Planning’, organised by the Research Unit on Local Self-Governments, Centre for Development Studies was inaugurated on 21 April 2014.

In the inaugural session chaired by Prof MA OOmmen. CDS Director, Prof Amit Shovon Ray, welcomed the participants. The inaugural address was delivered by Shri. K.M. Chandrasekhar IAS, Hon’ble Vice Chairman, Kerala State Planning Board . Dr K.N. Harilal, Co-ordinator, CDS RULSG programme presented the seminar agenda.

Prof.Prabhat Patnaik, Prof.D.Narasimha Reddy, Sri S.M.Vijayanand, Prof.Praveen Jha also attended the sessions over the two days seminar.

The Seminar was concluded in the evening of 22 April, 2014 with a Public Lecture on ‘Democracy and Decentralization’ by Prof.Prabhat Patnaik.

Programme Schedule



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