Advisory Committee Members

Advisory Committee Members

Prof. Sunil Mani
Director, CDS

M. Dasgupta
General Secretary
India Tea Association
6 NS Road, Kolkata 1
Mobile: 09830337466

V.G. Dhanakumar
Indian Institute of Plantation Management,
Jnana Bharathi Campus,
P.O. Malathalli,
Bangalore-560 056
Mobile: 09845568623

P.S. George
Honorary Fellow, CDS
T.C.10/431, Shaw Wallac Lane
Trivandrum-695 015
Tele: 0471 2531542

Associate Professor, CDS
Mobile: 09447302752

P Rajasekharan
State Planning Board Kerala,
Pattom Post 695 004
Tel:0471 2540609
Mobile: 09895009402

Dr. C Bhaskaran
Dept of Agrl. Extension
College of Agriculture, Vellayani
Thiruvananthapuram – 695 522
+91 471 2384625 (O)
+91 471 2555259  (R)
+91 94471 55259 (M)

K.J. Joseph (Convenor)
Professor, CDS
Mobile: 09895818471

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