Consultation/ Workshops/ Seminars/ Lecture

Public Lecture and Book Release by Shri Jairam Ramesh M.P
21 January 2017.

Stakeholder Consultation on Crisis in Plantation Sector: In search of long term strategies
6th February 2016

Plantation Labour Act Amendment 2014: Consultation with Trade Union Leaders of Kerala
5th November 2014

National Stakeholder Consultation on National Rubber Policy
2 August 2014 at CDS

Policy Dialogue on Future of Coffee Based Economy of Kodagu
7th June 2014 at Hotel Coorg International, Madikeri

Workshop on Emerging Issues in India’s Plantation Sector
31 March – 1 April 2014

Stakeholder Consultation on Issues: What does the plantation sector expect from the forthcoming Kerala budget and 12th Five Year Plan?
24 January 2012 at CDS

National Seminar on Building Competitiveness in a Globalised World: Experience of India’s Plantation Sector
23 – 24 January 2012

Seminar on ASEAN India FTA and Way Forward Organized by CDS, IIFT, UNCTAD and Centre for WTO Studies
5-6 February, 2010

Round Table on The State of Plantation Sector in India: Issues for Research & Policy Action
6 March 2009

Proceedings of the Round Table and Workshop on The State of Plantation Sector in India: Issues for Research & Policy
6-7 March 2009





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