CDS – IIFT Seminar

Programme Schedule-CDS-IIFT Seminar on ASEAN India FTA and Way Forward

Session 1: Avijit Mandal Paper
Session 1: Banumathi Paper
Session 1: Binny Chandy Paper
Session 1: N.Chandar Mohan Paper
Session 1: Nalin Paper

Session 2: Binny Chandy, Tharian George K, Shammi Raj Paper
Session 2: Mohan Kumar Paper
Session 2: Santosh K Das Paper

Session 3: Rajeswari S Paper
Session 3: Sunitha Raju Paper
Session 3: Veeramani and Gordan Paper

Session 4: KJ Joseph, Sreejith A Uma S Paper
Session 4: Sahid Ahmed Paper
Session 4: Ratna Kallumal Moitra Paper

Session 5: Nilanjan Paper
Session 5: Sangeetha Paper
Session 5: Sarath Paper

Session 6: B.H Nagoor and C.Nalin
Session 6: Brigit Joseph Paper
Session 6: Joby Joseph Paper
Session 6: Latha Bastine Paper

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