Stakeholder Consultation on Crisis in Plantation Sector: In search of long term strategies

There is much concern about the current crisis in plantation sector among different stakeholders. The ongoing crisis is so pervasive and its intensity is so severe that any piecemeal measures may not be of any help in addressing the price and non-price factors that led to it. It is high time that all the stakeholders in the plantation sector work together to ensure that initiatives ‘short, medium and long term’ are made for the healthy survival of this sector. In this context the NRPPD at CDS organised a ‘discussion on short term and long term measures for addressing crisis in the plantation sector’.

The meeting held on Saturday, 6 February 2016 in Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum came up with a number of long term measures for the sustained growth of the sector as well as short-term measures to bail out the sector from the current crisis.

Report emerged from the Programme : Prof.K.J.Joseph


Feedback by Stakeholders

1. Coffee and Tea Sector: Karnataka Growers’ Federation

2. Rubber : Janatha Model Rubber Producers Society

3. Importance of Plantation Sector to the National Economy: UPASI

4. Crisis in the plantation sector in Idukki District of Kerala State: Dr Johnykutty J Ozhukayil

5. Coffee : C.A.Subbaiah(Nanda),Codagu Planters’ Association and Kodagu District Small Growers’ Association

6. Natural Rubber -Urgent Need for Safeguard Duty: Babu Joseph

7. Suggestions by MODEL RUBBER PRODUCERS SOCIETY, Chirakkadavu