Executive Training Programme on Commodity Futures

The National Research Programme on Plantation Development (NRPPD) at CDS, organized an Executive Training Programme on Commodity Futures during 5-7 December 2012. The programme, exclusively for the officials of Commodity Boards

Futures market is increasingly considered as a means of efficient price discovery of the respective commodities and ensuring stability in prices. As of now in India 113 commodities are permitted for trading in the commodity futures market of which about 50 commodities are actively traded. The volume of trade, through six national and 17 regional exchanges, has grown from Rs. 66000 crores in 2002-2003 to Rs.181 lakh crores in 2011-12. In case of plantation crops, except tea, all the other crops like natural rubber, tea, coffee, black pepper and cardamom are traded through futures market. In this context, as suggested by the Steering committee, NRPPD at CDS, as part of its capacity building initiatives, organized an executive training programme on commodity futures for the officials of commodity boards. The programme aimed at providing an understanding of the relevance of commodity futures in the current context, its functioning and the operational aspects including the regulatory role of state and the institutional arrangements needed to enablethe growers to take advantage of commodity futures. In addition to the coordinator, the instructors included, Shri Paul Joseph, former Principal Economic Advisor, Planning Commission, Dr M Mathisekharan, Member, FMC, Prof A Damodaran, IIM, Bangalore and Shri Anil Mishra, Managing Director, National Multi Commodity Exchange.

Programme Schedule

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