Refresher Course cum Research Training Programme in Economics 2013 (Theme: Innovation and Development)

January 4-24, 2013

Organized by NRPPD at CDS jointly with Rubber Board and Indialics (India chapter of Globelics).

The programme will have three components. The first component will expose you to the theoretical perspectives on Innovation and development and locate a few issues for detailed exploration.

The second component intends to expose the participants to the field where in necessary data/information will be gathered on the issues identified during the first phase.

During the third phase, using the data/information collected from the field, the participants are expected to work in groups and each group is expected to prepare a report on the issue that they focus on.

This  21  days  training  programme  for  the  University-College  teachers  and  research  scholars, aimed  at  exposing  the  participants  (17  from  7  states)  to  various  issues  in  innovation  and development  with  a  case  study  of  Natural  Rubber.  During  the  first  10  days  of  class  room lectures in CDS the participants were exposed to different theoretical paradigms in innovation and  development.  Thereafter,  the  participants  were taken  to  the  Rubber  Board  wherein  the Chair  Person  addressed  the  participants  and  all  the  division  heads  took  classes  on  the  rubber plantation  sector  in  general  and  various  innovations  undertaken  in  the  rubber  sector  in particular.  The  training  in  the  Rubber  board  was  coordinated  by  Dr  Kuruvila  Jacob,  Director Rubber  Training  Institute.    Drawing  from  these  classes  and  the  field  visit,  the  participants prepared a report on Innovation and Development: Experience of Natural rubber, with special focus  on  R&D,  extension,  rubber  producers’  societies  and  the  rubber  based  industries.  The draft report was presented before the rubber board officials in a workshop organized in CDS on 25  January.    Apart  from  the  CDS  faculty  and  Rubber Board  officials,  the  resource  persons included the experts with in the country and Prof Olav Wicken from University of Oslo and Dr Vandana Ujjual from Sussex.


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