Research Issues and Methods in India’s Plantation Sector (Christ University, Bangalore)

January 24th- 25th, 2014 | Department of Economics, Christ University, Bangalore

The training programme on ‘Research issues and methods in India’s Plantation sector’ was jointly organized with Department of Economics in Christ University, Bangalore during January 24th- 25th, 2014.

Prof Amit Shovon Ray, Director CDS, inaugurated the programme. Mr.P.K.Santhosh Kumar, Asst.Professor, Christ  University, welcomed the gathering. Dr.John Joseph Kennedy, Dean, Humanities & Social Sciences presided over the function. Dr. K J Joseph, Professor, CDS, briefed about the programme and Ms. Greeshma Manoj, Asst.Professor, Christ  University expressed vote of thanks. 50 selected participants from various departments were actively took part in this programme.

Programme Schedule

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