Training Programme at Tripura University

The two day training programme was inaugurated by Prof. Amit Shovon Ray, Director Centre for Development Studies in the august presence of the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Tripura University, Prof. Anjan K Ghosh at 7pm on 20th November, 2014 at the Hall of the DDE Building Tripura University.
Dr. Jahar Debbarma, Associate Professor and HoD, Economics welcomed the guest and Prof. KJ Joseph, Coordinator, National Research Programme on Plantation Development briefed the audience including the resource persons, participants, faculty members of Economics Department and other allied Departments like- Rural Management and Development, Forestry, etc.

The participants for the programme were faculty members of Tripura University and its affiliated institutions. The group was heterogeneous and included people from Economics, Commerce, Environmental Science, Information Technology, Forestry & Biodiversity, Geography, Rural Management and Development.

The 1st technical session began at 7: 45 pm with Prof. KJ Joseph, Ministry of Commerce Chair, CDS speaking on the topic- ‘Plantations in the landscape of India’s inclusive development’. The Second speaker of the day was Dr. C Veeramani, Associate Professor, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai. His topic was- ‘Issues in trade and International Competitiveness.

After these two deliberations, guests, resource persons and participants attended the Dinner organised at the Department of Economics Building.

The 2nd day, 21/11/2014, had two technical sessions. The first speaker of the day was Prof. D. Narayana, Consultant, Kerala State Planning Board, Trivandrum.  His topic was ‘Issues in Production and Productivity of Plantation Crops’, which started at 10: 00 AM. Dr. Vinoj Abraham, Associate Professor, CDS, Trivandrum was the next speaker on ‘Issues in Plantation Labour’. The final lecture in this pre-lunch session was conducted by Prof. US Mishra, CDS, Trivandrum. His topic was ‘Exploring select research issues with primary data’.

The lunch was served at the Department of Economics building in between 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM.

The post lunch session began with Dr. N. Vijayamohan Pillai, Associate Professor, CDS, Trivandrum speaking on Econometric Applications. His lecture continued till 3:30 PM. The two other resource persons in the session were representatives of the Commodity Boards. Dr. P Baruah, Principal Scientist, Tocklai Tea Research Centre, Jorhat and Dr. K Chandrasenan Nair, Jt. Rubber Production Commissioner, Rubber Board, Agartala were the speakers and they presented the present status and perspective for these two important commercial crops, which have a significant bearing on the economy of the North East India.

The Valedictory session was chaired by Prof. KJ Joseph. Certificates were distributed and feedbacks from the participants were also taken. The resource persons from CDS were very happy with the outcome and hoped to work again in future in collaboration with the Department of Economics, Tripura University. Possibilities of setting up a research centre for Plantation crops in Tripura University will also be explored.

The workshop came to an end with Dr. Indraneel Bhowmik, Tripura University, proposing the vote of thanks, particularly to all concerned for quickly adopting to the changed schedule arising from the 12-hr Bandh called on 20th November, 2014.

Programme Schedule

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