Inception Workshop- Ageing and well-being in a globalizing world: INDIA-EUROPENWO-ESRC-ICSSR Networking Grant Preliminary program

Ageing and well-being in a globalizing world
Preliminary program: Inception Workshop
Center for Development Studies, Trivandrum
January 10-12, 2013

Morning session Presentation by the four institutions on the their current research on the theme of the proposal: Ageing in a globalizing world

Afternoon session Workpackage 1: Knowledge base on Ageing

Workpackage groups reviewing the agendas (prepared earlier)

Morning session Work package 2 : Migration and Ageing

Work package 3: Ageing, health & intergenerational care

Afternoon session Work package 4: Healthy ageing participative approach

Round-table discussions and finalizing the agendas for all the work packages.

Morning session Protocol for exchange of scholars
India <->Groningen
India <-> Southampton

Afternoon session Discussion on the management of the network and budget issues

Planning for the next activity

S. I. Rajan, Center for Development Studies
USMishra, Center for Development Studies

K.S. James, Institute for Social and Economic Change,
T. S. Syamala, Institute for Social and Economic Change,
LekhaSubaiya, Institute for Social and Economic Change,

IngeHutter, University of Groningen,
HinkeHaisma, University of Groningen,
Ajay Bailey, University of Groningen,

Maria Evandrou, University of Southampton,
Jane Falkingham, University of Southampton,
SabuPadmadas, University of Southampton ,
AthinaVlachantoni,  University of Southampton,
AravindaGuntupalli,  University of Southampton
Vicky Hosegood,  University of Southampton,

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