Second Migration Training Programme

Second short term Training Programmes on Methods and Approaches in Research on Migration Issues

The Second Short term Training programme held during 26-30 March 2007 at the Centre.  14 delegates from various parts of the country were actively participated  in this programme.

Programme Schedule


No Name Designation Place
1 Dr. Krishna Chand Associate Research Coordinator Chandigarh
2 V. Saravanan PhD Scholar Madurai
3 Leena Sandilya Senior Research Fellow University of Allahabad
4 Prabhat Kumar MPhil. Scholar CDS, Trivandrum
5 Siddalingaswamy K.P Research Scholar Mangalore University
6 Priyanka Dutta MPhil. Scholar IDSK, Kolkata
7 Shuchi Kapuria Research Scholar University of Delhi
8 Jaydeep Sengupta Research Scholar IDSK, Kolkata
9 Vinod J PhD Scholar JNU, Delhi
10 S. Narasimhan PhD Scholar Hyderabad
11 Lakshmi P Research Assistant Bangalore
12 Vanita Banjan  Researcher Mumbai
13 Jadav Surendra Harishchandra  Researcher Mumbai
14 Dr. Pramil. K Panda Assistant Professor GIDR, Ahmadabad

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