Laurie Baker-the architect

Laurence Wilfred Baker (Laurie Baker), the famous English born architect designed the Centre’s buildings . Mr Baker was responsible for pioneering low cost building technology in Kerala and owing to this innovation, the Centre economised considerably in construction costs. Consequently, for every rupee spent on buildings the Centre was able to spend Rs 5 on books. The result, one of the finest Economics Libraries in India as a whole. CDS was one of the largest public buildings designed by Mr Baker and his contribution could be seen not just in the buildings, but even in the choice of trees in the garden.

Sadly Mr Baker passed away on Sunday, the 1st of April, 2007. The beautiful campus of CDS bears eloquent testimony to his great architectural skills.

More specific details on Mr Baker’s life and his numerous contributions can be found here.

Laurie Baker’s official website

Trailer of the documentary on ‘Uncommon Sense: The Life and Architecture of Laurie Baker’ a biographical film directed by his grandson Vineet Radhakrishnan

An odd Brit who made India his home
(Reminiscence of Padma Shri. Laurie Baker by Mr. Tilak Baker)
The New Indian Express, 17-March-2017)


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