KN Raj Library


Welcome to K N Raj Library

Ever since its inception, CDS has accorded high priority for building up a good library in social sciences. It is now one of the leading social science research and reference libraries in the country with a rich collection of books, journals, publications of other research institutes (national and international) and government publications. The library collection is over one hundred and fifty thousand titles covering development studies, economics, sociology, demography, statistics, history,political science and other allied subjects. It subscribes to 230 journals currently. In addition, it receives about 120 journals by way of gifts or exchange.The library is maintaining an exchange programme of publications with a number of national and international organisations.

In fond remembrance of our founder, Professor K N Raj, the CDS Library was renamed as K N Raj Library with effect from July 9 2010.

Catalogue and Classification

Dewey Decimal classification scheme with certain modifications, is adopted for the processing of documents. All the documents have been brought under computerised bibliographic control using LIBSYS software. Online Public Access Catalogue(OPAC) search is provided to readers. Searches can be made by author, title, subject, class number, publisher or words in title and boolean search. The details of books and documents can be also be accessed through card catalogue. The newly accessioned books and working papers are displayed on a weekly basis. The books displayed at the counter can be borrowed after the display date.

Working Hours

Weekdays 09.00 – 18.00 hrs

Saturdays 09.00 – 17.00 hrs

The library remains closed on Sundays and a limited number of Public Holidays.But the library would be open on Second Saturdays if they do not coincide with a Public Holiday.


The library comprises of the following documents as on March 31, 2019.

Books, Statistical Publications 136394
e-Books 164
Working Papers 21951
Back volumes of periodicals (bound) 18072
Periodicals (Current subscription) 112
Periodicals (received as gift) 56
DVD / CD-ROM 671
     EconLit 599
     Jstor 2600
     Oxford Online Journals 77
     Project MUSE 113
     Science Direct – EEF 106
     Wiley Online 24


  • Statistical publications include both government and institutional publications such as budget papers, national accounts statistics, fertiliser statistics, ILO, UNCTAD reports, national sample surveys, trade and development reports, banking statistics, agricultural statistics, etc. It also includes annual reports of various ministries and institutions.
  • The online databases include CMIE ProwessIQ, EPWRF India Time Series, ICSSR Data Service, IMF Data, IndiaStat, UN Comtrade, and World Bank Data
  • Working papers include discussion papers, reprints, occasional papers of national and international organisations, such as World Bank, IMF, ILO, ADB, IFPRI, United Nations University, Yale University, World Watch Institute and others. Working papers of over sixty organisations are received on mutual exchange basis.
  • Books and documents on Kerala form a separate section. The KN Raj Library collection includes 2700 books in malayalam.