Library Rules


Borrowing privileges will be limited to regular members of the Library, comprising of three categories:

Internal membership;
External membership; and
Institutional membership

i. Internal membership is open to all research staff of the Centre (including those on honorary or visiting capacity). MA, M.Phil and PhD Students at the Centre, members of the Governing Body and Committees appointed by the Centre, as well as the administrative and library staff of the Centre. Application for Membership should be made in the prescribed form to the Librarian;

ii. External Membership: Teachers in the University and affiliated Colleges, research scholars of other Institutions, Policy makers, officials in Public and Private Institutions and interested members of the public will be accepted as External Members on the following conditions:

    • The filled in application should be recommended or signed /attested by the Head of the Institutions/Departments/CDS regular staff member/or from responsible persons whom the Director of the Centre accepts for the purpose. The application shall include an undertaking by the introducer to the effect that the introducer shall personally be liable and make good any loss or damage that may be caused to the Library on account of the membership issued on his recommendation. The applicant, along with application for membership should produce a stamp size photograph for the issue of identity card. Each member will be issued a bar coded ID card which has to be produced on request while using the library and borrowing books.
    • A registration fee of Rs.50, annual subscription fee Rs.100/- (for students and Alumni members Rs.50/-) and caution deposit of Rs. 800/- per book (for students and Alumni members Rs. 500/- per book) will be applicable to all external members. The deposit will be refundable at the time of closing membership. The external members are entitled to a maximum of 3 books.The loan period is 1 month for all categories of external users with provision of one renewal for another month.
    • Overdue charges/fine will be collected for overdue books from external members at the rate of Rs. 2/- per book for each day returned after the due date. Books can be renewed through letter, phone, email or in person.
    • The Director shall have the right to accept or reject an application at his discretion without assigning any reason.

iii. Institutional Membership

Application may be made in the prescribed form available with the Library. The head of the institution may authorize a member of his staff to operate the inter-library loan transaction. Registration fee of Rs 50/-, annual subscription Rs.1000/- and caution deposit Rs 1000/- per book is applicable to all institutional members.

    • Maximum number of books to be issued out for institutions will be three and the period of loan will be one month with one renewal if those books are not otherwise on demand at the Centre; and
    • Overdue charges at the rate of Rs.2/- per book per day will be collected for Books returned after the due date

iv. Reference Membership:

Reference Membership is also given to students, research scholars and members of the Public for using the library. They are required to produce a letter of introduction from the Head of their Organization. For reference facility each student applicant will have to pay a sum of Rs.50/- towards admission fee and for the public (non-students) the fee is Rs.100/-,and is valid for one year from the date of issuing membership.

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