Online Journals with full text available at CDS

Electronic Journals

  1. Challenge
  2. China Report
  3. Contributions to Indian Sociology
  4. Critical Asian Studies
  5. Ecologist
  6. Econometrica
  7. Economic and Political Weekly
  8. Economist
  9. Feminist Economics
  10. Indian Coffee
  11. Indian Economic and Social History Review
  12. Indian Journal of Gender Studies
  13. International Journal of health Services
  14. International Labour Review
  15. Journal of Asian Studies
  16. Journal of Contemporary Asia
  17. Journal of Development Studies
  18. Journal of Economic Issues
  19. Journal of Health Management
  20. Journal of Human Development and Capabilities
  21. Journal of Labour Economics
  22. Journal of Peasant Studies
  23. Journal of the American Statistical Association
  24. Land Economics
  25. Quarterly Journal of Economics
  26. New Left Review
  27. Race and Class
  28. Rand journal of Economics
  29. Reserve Bank of India Bulletin
  30. Review of Economics and Statistics
  31. Review of Income and Health
  32. Review of Radical Political Economics
  33. Studies in History
  34. WHO: Bulletin
  35. Yojana

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