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TIPE Programme successfully conducted

In response to a felt need to improve the quality of economics education primarily at the undergraduate level a month-long training programme, Teaching Innovations Programme for College Teachers in Economics (TIPE), for teachers working in universities and colleges in Kerala was organised by CDS during March 18th –April 12th 2019. The programme was organized under the K N Raj Training and Fellowship Programme  funded by the Government of Kerala and was coordinated by Dr. Vinoj Abraham. The current version of the TIPE followed the structure of the earlier version of TIPE conducted during 2006-11 period. The focus of the course was to strengthen the fundamentals of economics education, by providing an intensive week-long training on economic theory, econometrics and on selected topics on Indian economy.

Applications for the programme were invited and shortlisted by the K N Raj Training and Fellowship Programme Committee. Twenty participants were selected from various colleges and universities of Kerala. All the participants were provided boarding and lodging in the CDS guest house.

The course consisted of taught sessions and interactive workshops on specific topics. Four broad topics were covered during the course, Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Econometrics and Issues in Indian Economy. Each topic was covered in a week. Sessions of the first week focused on Micro Economics. The course was handled by Dr. Debasis Mondal, IIT Delhi and Prof. Sujoy Chakravarty, JNU, New Delhi. The lectures were supplemented by workshop sessions conducted by Prof. Santhakumar V, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru, on developing examples and illustrations for Micro Economics from the Indian context. The participants were also introduced to the library and other infrastructure on the first day.

The second week dealt with Macro Economics. The course instructors were Prof. Sudip Chaudhuri, visiting Professor, CDS and Professor at IIM, Calcutta; and  Prof. Parthapratim Pal, IIM Calcutta.

The third week focused on Statistics and Econometrics which was conducted by Dr. Ankush Agarwal, IIT Delhi and Prof. Suryanarayana M H, of IGIDR, Mumbai.

The fourth week dealt with aspects of Indian Economy. An overview of the Indian economy was provided by Prof. Manmohan Agarwal, RBI Chair Professor, CDS. Prof. Madhura Swaminathan, ISI Bangalore,  dealt with the Indian agricultural economy. Prof Sunil Mani, Director CDS, gave lectures on India’s Balance of payments and foreign direct investments. Prof K J Joseph, CDS  and  Dr. Beena P L, CDS, gave an overview of the industrial sector in India. Prof. U S Mishra, CDS, gave lectures on the social sector in India focusing on education and health.

During the fourth week, Prof. Krishnendu Ghosh Dastidar, JNU, New Delhi gave introductory lectures on Game theory and Prof. J V Meenakshi gave lectures on project evaluation. Apart from the lecture sessions, interactive workshops aimed at improving teaching skills were conducted. All the participants conducted short mock lectures and thereafter comments and suggestions to improve their teaching skills were discussed among the participants.

An anonymised participant evaluation of the programme was collected after the programme. An overwhelming 90 percent of the participants had rated the programme as excellent, the highest grade.