Joan Robinson Prize/ The M.G.Kanbur Prize

Joan Robinson Prize:

This prize will be awarded for the best overall performance in the MA (Applied Economics) programme. The best performer is the one who obtains the highest Final Grade Point Average (FGPA) at the end of four semesters. The FGPA will be computed on the basis of grades secured in the first attempt in every course. In the event of a tie, the prize amount will be equally shared among the eligible candidates

Professor Joan Robinson, of University of Cambridge was a friend and well-wisher of CDS. Needless to add, she came to know of the Centre and its activities through her association with Professor K N Raj. She was a frequent visitor to the Centre until January, 1982 and participated in all activities of the Centre and especially student seminars. Professor Robinson donated royalties of two of her books (Selected Economic Writings, Bombay: Oxford University Press, 1974, Introduction to Modern Economics (jointly with John Eatwell), Delhi; Tata McGraw Hill, 1974) to CDS, both for which the copyright is held by the Centre. The original funds thus created out of the accumulated royalties have been supplemented by a generous grant from Professor Ravi Kanbur, Professor of Economics, Cornell University, USA while he was the first K N Raj National Fellow at the Centre during 2013-14, to form the Joan Robinson Endowment. The Joan Robinson Prize is awarded from the annual returns of this endowment.

The M G Kanbur Prize:

Awarded to best performer in the quantitative courses of the MA (Applied Economics) programme. These include three of the core courses on Mathematics, Statistics and Econometrics taught in the first year of the programme. The best performer is the one who obtains the highest Average Grade Point (AGP) in these three courses at the end of two semesters. The AGP will be computed on the basis of grades secured in the first attempt in every course. In the event of a tie, the prize amount will be equally shared among the eligible candidates

Professor M G Kanbur was among the generation of Indian economists who first used quantitative mathematical and econometric methods to analyze the economy of India and other developing countries. Indeed, his Ph.D at the University of Birmingham, UK, was on spatial econometrics methods applied to the rice economy of South India. He was also a close associate of Professor K.N. Raj. He was one of the first economists that Professor Raj invited to visit CDS. He became a regular visitor to the Centre during its early founding days and always spoke warmly of his association with CDS.

The M G Kanbur prize is based on annual returns from the MG Kanbur Endowment instituted at the Centre by his son, Professor Ravi Kanbur, Professor of Economics, Cornell University, USA

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