The K.N.Raj Fellowships 2013-14

K.N.Raj Teacher Fellows

No Name Institution Details of Teaching Resource Period of Fellowship 
1 Dr. S.Pushparaj Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai Lecture notes on Econometrics 20 May – 19 June 2013
2  Dr. Priyesh.C.A University College, Thiruvananthapuram Lecture notes on Macroeconomics 1 July  - 31, July 2013
3 Ms. Anamika Moktan Visva Bharati Univeraity, Santhi Nikethan, West Bangal Lecture notes on Microeconomics 22 Jan. – 21 Feb. 2014
4  Mr.Shanu.S Govt. College for Women, Trivandrum Lecture notes on Microeconomics 1 Jan. – 31 Jan. 2014
5  Mr.Justine George St.Pauls College, Kalamassery

K.N.Raj Research Fellows

No Name Institution Programme of Study  Period  of Fellowship
1 Dr. Sebastian T.K Nirmalagiri College, Kuthuparamba,Kannur Publication of a Book entitled ‘Human development-Economic growth interaction of the migrated cultivators of Malabar’ Oct 21, 2013 – Jan 20, 2014
2 Ms. Sreekala M D.B College, Sasthamkotta, Kollam  Publication of a Book entitled ‘Foreign Direct Investment and its effects on retail sector’ Oct 28, 2013 – Jan 27, 2014
3 Ms. Renju. R Reporter, Kalakaumudi, Trivandrum Fisheries and the impact of climate change in Vellayani Lake Nov. 15, 2013 – Feb 14, 2014
4 Ms.Rosewin Joy JRF, Shastri Indo Canadian Project, CUSAT Doctoral Dissertation Feb. 26, 2014- May 25, 2014
5 Harshavardhan Bhat Jindal School of International Affairs, Haryana Research paper on Spatial Purpose and Equity 15 Jan.-14 Apr. 2014

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