The K.N.Raj Fellowships 2014-15

The K.N.Raj Teacher Fellows

No Name Institution Topic Period of Fellowship
1 Dr. Jerry Alwin Sree Narayana College, Sivagiri, Varkala Indian Economy 21 April-20 May 2014
2 Retheesh P.K Nehru Arts & Science College, Kanhangad Environmental Economics – Environmental Problems as Market failure 30 April-29 May 2014
3 Ramya R Sri C Achutha Menon Government College,Thrissur Micro Economics (Module III-Economics of Information) 15 Dec 2014- 14 Jan 2015
4 Dr.R.Santhosh University College,Thiruvananthapuram Environmental Valuation Methods – Market and non market based techniques 4 Nov-5 Dec 2014
5 Syam Raj R Sree Narayana College, Sivagiri, Varkala Indian economy- Objectives, strategy and achievements of planning in India 30 March 2015

The K.N.Raj Research Fellows

1 Dr. Kumar S.P Sree Narayana College (Mens), Kollam-1 An analysisi of critical success factors of E-Governance in LSGs in Kerala 2 May – 1 Aug 2014
2 Krishnakumar S Sri Venkateswara College, BenitoJuarez Road, South Campus, New Delhi 1 Capital Flows, Global Liquidity and Emerging Market economies – revisiting brettonwoods II postulate 28 May – 27 Aug 2014
3 Rafeek V H Govt. College, Malappuram, P.O.Munduparambu Doctoral Dissertation – Migration and Human development of muslim community: the case of Malappuram District Kerala 6 March- 5 June 2015
4 Abraham M.P University College, Thiruvananthapuram Agricultural labour market of Kerala – Evolution, Characteristica and dynamics 4 March- 3 June 2015
5 Suhail P The B School International, Kottakkal, Near Ayurveda College, NH, Malappuram The financial intermediation and growth nexus: Evidence from selected Asian countries  14 Jan – 13 Apr 2015

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